Training Philosophy

 Pack mentality (they're pack animals!)

No fear, pain, or intimidation 

Postive reinforcement

Train the humans and the dogs naturally follow

 *All group classes are 8 weeks - $200

Bring a friend and you EACH get $25 off!


*Puppy Psych 101- For dogs 6 months and younger. This class focuses on dog psychology mixed with basic obedience. This class also helps with potty training and breaking all those naughty puppy behaviors. We also include puppy play time, so you can learn how your puppy should play. We covering sit, down, stay, come, and leash walking with positive reinforcement. 


*Beginner 101- For dogs 6 months and older. Beginner 101 helps with: housebreaking, rescue dogs, fears and building self-confidence, and gaining the respect you and your dog deserve. This class focuses on Basic Obedience training.  This class covers: sit-stay, down-stay, come, leash walking with distractions, and building time for each of those exercises with reinforcement. 


*Intermediate Class - Must have completed Beginner 101. This class is higher level training and a stepping stone to having your dog off-leash. This course focuses on keeping your dog focused with distractions, figure 8 work, preparing them for advanced off leash work.



Reactive Dog- Do you have a dog that is out of control on leash walks? This class is designed to help correct reactive dog behavior and gets your pooch on the road to being a canine good citizen.

  • Class Fee $150
  • Limited to 15 participants
  • Five 1 hour sessions
  • Session 1 will not admit dogs to the class. The first class will focus on identifying reactive behaviors and training techniques to correct them at home. Session 2 will permit dogs into the classroom.


Calling All Fosters- This course is designed to help owners who are currently fostering dogs or are interested in becoming a foster for a shelter. This course will address all the dos and don’ts of being a doggie-foster-parent and how to prepare them for their forever home. Calling All Fosters! Will go over common fostering mistakes, information and training you will need for success.

  • Class Fee: $20
  • One 2 hour session
  • No Dogs will be admitted to this course



Please call to reserve a spot for you and your pup -  space is limited!


Our certified trainers offer private lessons on site and in your home. View our day camp and boot camp options for training options during daycare or boarding.

Upcoming Sessions


Wednesday:   June 12th

Puppy                          6:30PM - 7:30PM

Beginner                     7:40PM - 8:40PM


Friday:   June 14th

Puppy                          10:00AM - 11:00AM

Beginner                     11:00AM - 12:00PM


Monday:   July 7th

Puppy                          6:30PM - 7:30PM

Reactive                     7:40PM - 8:40PM


Saturday:   July 20th

Intermediate                          9:30AM - 10:30AM

Puppy                                     10:30AM - 11:30AM

Beginner                                11:40AM - 12:40PM



Please call to reserve a spot for you and your pup -  space is limited!

Bring a friend and you EACH get $25 off!


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