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Training Tip



Bark U Training Tip #24:


Be consistent! The number one rule when training your pup is to be as consistent as possible. Use the same words and apply the same rules at all times. Any break in consistency to set your dog back a surprising amount. 


Once your constant training starts to stick, begin incoporating the new "trick" into your daily routine. Have your dog sit, give paw, lay down, etc. before you give your dog their meals. Keep up the consistency and your pup will be a great canine companion! 


Learn more about training at Bark U here.

Bark University, Inc: Where your dog learns while playing!!

Bark University, Inc. is your one-stop location for all your pet needs. Whether it's boarding, daycare, training, or grooming, Bark University, Inc. provides exceptional care for your furry friends. Located in Mundelein, IL with plenty of room to run in our 5,000 square feet of outdoor fenced yards, your pet will thoroughly enjoy his or her visit.

Leaving your pet alone is never an easy experience. Bark University Inc's highly trained team make your pet’s comfort and safety their top priority. Learn more about the services we offer.

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