Did you know that your groomer's energy affects your dog? Our professional groomer, Annie Kane, has calm energy that makes the dogs less stressed during a typically stressful situation. We also have crate-free grooming!


Annie spends time with each dog to ensure she earns their trust before beginning to groom them. Our staff excels with dogs who previously required tranqulizers for a nail trimming, encouraging them to feel much more relaxed during the process.


Annie has groomed dogs of all shapes and sizes from Newfounlands and Bernese Mountain dogs to Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers, she is comfortable grooming any breed. She has experience grooming dogs with a variety of temperments as well, including dogs that might not be so friendly for a groom. She only asks that you let her know if your dog is known to have any issues.


Most grooming services require an appointment to ensure your dog is not waiting longer than necessary. But feel free to drop in for a nail trim any time!


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Training Tip









Bark U Training Tip #25:


Learn dog body language. This is incredibly important in being able to tell that your dog is not comfortable with the situation he or she is in. You don't want the negative implications that come with your dog feeling uncomfortable meeting a new dog or person. Forcing the issue can lead to a negative reaction in the moment and longer term issues down the line.


Learn more about training at Bark U here and click here to view our current training schedule

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