Full Line of Services

We provide exceptional care with lots of love for your four-legged family members. All of our services are personalized to meet your individual needs.


While you are away, you can enjoy your vacation knowing that your pet is on their own vacation. Whether for a night, a weekend or a month, our hospitable and trained staff will cater to your pet's every need.


We are not responsible for any dogs that refuse to leave.


More information on our boarding services.



We are a teaching "University", where your dog will come and learn how to play! We also offer a day camp program for dogs of all ages that takes place during daycare. You're never too old to go back to school!


Our playtimes are supervised and grouped by temperament, styles of play, size of dog and age. 


Unlike most universities, we encourage naps here. Oh, it's good to be a doggie!


More Information on our daycare services.




Training sessions are eight weeks long with weekly classes lasting one hour each. Most sessions include Puppy, Beginner and Intermediate levels. Each class is limited to 15 dogs so sign up as the sessions become avaliable. 


Sessions are taught by our profressional trainers, Kseniya Tspisis and owner, Candy Oppman. Both are experts in dog behavior. They'll teach both you and your dog a thing or two!


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A properly groomed pet is a happy and healthy pet. Nobody understands that better than Bark University, Inc. 


Whether your cat or dog is a pedigree or the neighborhood stray that you fell in love with, Bark University, Inc. offers a full line of grooming procedures from a simple shampoo to pre-competition preparation.


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Our Hours

Mon-Fri 6:30 A.M.- 6:30 P.M.

Saturday  9 A.M.- 5 P.M.

Sunday 9 A.M. - 2 P.M.

Closed everyday from

12 - 1 P.M. for naptime

Training Tip









Bark U Training Tip #25:


Learn dog body language. This is incredibly important in being able to tell that your dog is not comfortable with the situation he or she is in. You don't want the negative implications that come with your dog feeling uncomfortable meeting a new dog or person. Forcing the issue can lead to a negative reaction in the moment and longer term issues down the line.


Learn more about training at Bark U here and click here to view our current training schedule

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