Pack Walks

Dog walks provide a great opportunity to exercise with your dog, as well as some light socializing. Come join our trainers, Candy and Kseniya, on a walk with other like-minded dog owners. These walks can boost confidence in your dog, improve leash walking skills and provide some quality bonding time for you and your pooch! Pack walks are open to all of our clients and can be included in addition to boarding stays.

  • Space is limited to 15 dogs
  • $25 per walk
    • Payment is due prior to start of walk. We accept Cash, Check, and Credit Card—Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover
  • Walks will last about 40 minutes to 1 hour
  • Call 847-367-9000 or email to sign up.


  • Enough water for both person and dog
  • Treats
  • Secure and well-fitting harness and/or collar—flat buckle, prong, slip lead, easy-walker, halti, etc.
  • One collar must have rabies tag and identifying tag
  • 6 foot flat leash –non-retractable
  • Weather appropriate clothing – no open toed shoes or heeled shoes
  • Muzzle, if necessary


  1. All dogs must go through an evaluation prior to the day of the pack walk.
  2. All dogs must be current on the vaccines listed below. If your dog is ineligible for one or more of these vaccines, please speak with the trainers prior to the walk.:
    1. Rabies
    2. DHLPP (Distemper)
    3. Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
  3. All dogs must be reasonably behaved and controlled on leash with appropriate safe guards in place to ensure the safety all participants during the activity.
    1. If you feel your dog needs extra help to get started, we do offer private lessons and group training classes to help get your dog ready for pack walks.
  4. No retractable leashes are permitted during the pack walk. Leashes must be no more than 6 feet in length.


5 Pack Walk Pass

$100 or $20/Walk

10 Pack Walk Pass

$150 or $15/Walk

Pack Walk Passes expire 1 year from date of purchase


Pack Walk Schedule Coming Soon!

Make an appointment today! For the quickest response, please contact us by phone. Thank you!

Please call (847) 367-9000 or use our contact form.

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