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Bark University Inc

1414 Armour Blvd, Unit D

Mundelein, IL 60060

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Mon-Fri 6:30 A.M.- 6:30 P.M.

Saturday  9 A.M.- 5 P.M.

Sunday 9A.M - 2 P.M.

Closed everyday from 12-1pm for naptime

Training Tip



Bark U Training Tip #24:


Be consistent! The number one rule when training your pup is to be as consistent as possible. Use the same words and apply the same rules at all times. Any break in consistency to set your dog back a surprising amount. 


Once your constant training starts to stick, begin incoporating the new "trick" into your daily routine. Have your dog sit, give paw, lay down, etc. before you give your dog their meals. Keep up the consistency and your pup will be a great canine companion! 


Learn more about training at Bark U here.

Our Team

Candy Oppman


 Extremely compassionate and caring about both people and animals. Dog behavior expert. Over 15 years experience in the pet care industry.

Brian Rausch

Kennel Manager

The man in the back. 4 years experience at Bark U. All of the dogs know and love Brian. Commands respect but freely gives love to all of the doggies.

Amanda Thomas

Marketing Manager

Organized and conscientious. Over 10 years office experience with progressive upgrade in responsibility. Loves dogs and animals but also good with people.

Kseniya Tsipis

Trainer/Kennel Attendant

Rescues or assists in finding homes for over 50 dogs a year. Holisitc healer. Certified trainer. Loves all animals.

Teresa Noster

Kennel Attendant

Previously worked at 4 Paws. Industrious and quick-witted. The glue that holds Bark U together. Particular fondness for labs and lab mixes but loves ALL dogs.

Gene Paliy

Part-time Kennel Attendant

Bark U Comedian - always good for a laugh. Amazing work ethic. Voted work taste in music of all BU staff.

Brenda Stefan

Part Time Kennel Staff

Our BU weekend warrior. Full time at the post office. Soft spoken and sweet but amazing with dogs of all sizes.

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